Just about everyone remembers the story of Taylor Winston's heroics in Las Vegas during the shooting on October 1st. An Arizona auto dealer was so moved by his efforts to help the victims that they made Taylor one heck of an offer.

B5 Motors of Gilbert, Arizona has offered Winston a free truck.

Taylor was at the Route 91 Festival in Vegas and as the shots rang out he found a truck with the keys still in it and used it to drive the wounded to the hospital. Did Taylor technically steal the truck? Yes. Did anyone mind considering his actions saved lives? Certainly not.

In fact azcentral.com reports B5 Motors heard of his selfless actions and contacted Taylor to offer him a free set of wheels. They said he can sell it, keep it, or give it away, but B5 Motors wanted to thank him for what he did.

Taylor plans to sell his current ride and donate the money to the victim's relief fund for the families of those who lost their lives in the shooting. You can join Taylor in donating to the Vegas Victims Relief Fund by using the button below. 

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