Why do we love Dierks Bentley? Let us count the ways! Killer talent, charming good looks, ridiculously catchy hits ... oh, and this recent heartwarming act: Bentley took a fan battling cancer out of the hospital and onto the road for a cruise in his beloved '67 Camaro.

The 'Riser' star met fan Ann Soyars at the Station Inn in Nashville long before he became a well-known country artist. Back then, he was trying to make it big, playing gigs and building his group of loyal fans. Soyars was one of them -- in fact, the singer calls her 'O.F.' which stands for 'original fan.' She was the one who booked talent, collected cover charges, officiated and so many other things at the Station Inn venue.

"Dierks Bentley was a kid who would sit in," Soyars tells the Tennessean. "I heard him one night, found out he had an independent CD, got it and everything on it was great. We wound up being friends. I'd go to his shows, listen and sell his CDs, and I'd tell people, 'You better hang onto this, he's gonna be big someday.'"

Soyars has been battling cancer at Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville, and it's not a promising picture ahead for her.

"I thought I'd had a light stroke, so I went in for a CT scan yesterday," she said in early September, "Now I'd be happy if it was a stroke. Results were I have tumors on the brain, liver, kidney & lungs..."

Clearly, the now-star hasn't forgotten her devotion to his music, even after a whole lot of hits. And as any sweet friend would do, Bentley decided to raise Soyars' spirits and show her some gratitude, taking her for a pretty awesome ride. He even shared a picture of the rendezvous on Instagram, captioning, "Taking my pal Ann Soyars for one last ride in the '67 camero. she's hanging tough. enjoying good friends and music."

This happened right after his successful 2014 Miles and Music for Kids event, which raised at a whopping $335,479. Bentley holds the event close to his heart and tells Taste of Country, "It kind of feels like my own little CMA Music Fest in a way."

Whether he's making fans like Soyars smile during difficult times of their life, benefiting sick kids, or being a proud papa to his own children, Bentley has shown he has an incredibly generous and caring heart.

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