Ever since we had the fire outside the building here at the radio station it seems like fire is in the news all the time.

Someone left a cigarette burning inside a storage building along 33rd Street in Temple this afternoon, resulting in heavy black smoke and flames that caused the structure to be a total loss.

A discarded cigarette was determined to be the cause of the fire along the 900 block of South 33rd Street according to Thomas Pechal with Temple Fire and Rescue. It's a reminder of how fast a fire can spread in the right conditions. No one was hurt as a result of the fire that called for 19 firefighters and 7 units before it was all said and done.

A big thanks to Temple Police, and Scott and White EMS who came to the rescue! Be sure to check the batteries in your smoke alarms when you turn your clocks ahead this weekend. Be safe y'all.



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