The Dog Ridge Water Supply Corp issued a boil water notice yesterday for FM 1670. The notice is for Brandy Bay going south to Whispering Trail, and includes Whisper Hallow, Stone Oak, Walter Lane as well as Corliss Circle.

A break in the water supply line last week caused water flow to be reversed. This reverse caused the water to pick up the sediments that residents have seen coming out of their faucets. Dog Ridge Water Supply Corp manager Mike Pederson said water was affected from Dog Ridge Road to Lampasas but is still safe to drink. Pederson said, "It certainly doesn't look pretty."

Even though the water is being given the all clear, Dog Ridge Water Supply Corp still issued the boil notice. Since Tuesday, some 700,000 gallons of water have been flushed out into the ground. Pedersen says the main lines should be clear by now, but they do not have the ability to flush the outlying lines. It may take longer for those lines to clear up.

Upon receiving complaints about the water, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality was sent out to check the water last week. They also said that it was safe for residents to drink.