When work can't just go on without you, you need to be at work.  Even when you have the days to take off, there are just times when you need to be there... even if it means you're bringing along a member of the family.

With today being a day off school for the kids but not for parents, what can you do?  I have a job that doesn't allow for the days off kids are given throughout the year.  That means today I have a co-host for my shows.  Logan doesn't mind coming to work with me, which is half the battle.  If he didn't want to be here, I bet he'd make his feelings known.

Nap time for my Thunder Buddy. Photo by me.

In the same way that I can't take a day off every time the kids have a day off school, I also can't stay home on days with storms in the area to care for my Thunder Buddy, Lexi.  If there's thunder within a hundred miles she's going to lose her mind and destroy everything (including herself) if someone's not nearby.

Every time my wife pictures me at work, I'm sure she pictures me kicking back in a chair, beer in hand, watching YouTube videos and talking on a microphone 4 times an hour.  That makes it an easy decision for her when deciding where the kids or dogs go when needed.

Both Logan & Thunder Buddy behave when they're here.  We had one complaint about dogs in the building about a year ago, but the person that complained has moved on and dogs are once again welcome.  I'd never have brought Lexi back with me if she'd done something that makes our business look unprofessional in any way.  She lays on the floor & waits for me to tell her it's time to leave.  But, between Logan & Lexi, who is a better work companion?

When I bring Logan, he splits his time between the studio, drawing on the dri-erase board, and watching TV in our old conference room.  Lexi, on the other hand, splits her time between the floor to my left and the floor to my right.  The point goes to Lexi.

On-the-job training for Logan. Photo by me.

Every time I leave the studio with Lexi here she gets up and walks over to the door.  I tell her to stay and she waits right there in the studio for me to return.  As long as I take off her collar, not a peep is heard.  When Logan is here and I have to leave the studio I get 8-10 questions as to who, what, when, where & why I'm leaving.  I'll also get a request for a drink, a snack or something to draw on.  Point... Lexi.

If a coworker or guest comes into the studio Lexi will get up to greet them with a sniff.  She doesn't jump up or get overly hyper.  If she smells another dog she'll give an extra sniff, but if told to go back and lay down she'll do it.  If Logan is here with a guest he'll usually just answer any questions with a "yes" or "no", but generally he just goes about his business.  Point... Logan (no crotch-sniffing gives Logan the point here).

Logan is always good for a laugh if I put him on the radio while he's up here.  Kids have no filter, and if I ask honest questions I'll get a (brutally) honest answer.  Logan seems to know how to make me look foolish, and he loves doing it.  Aside from the occasional yawn or collar jingle, Lexi is never heard.   Point goes to Tyler- after all, this IS the entertainment business, and a kid's honesty always wins.

What about the pain-in-the-butt factor?  Lexi stresses me out because she's an animal.  Animals have instincts that supercede anything they've learned or know up to that point.  I'm always worried she's going to leave a steaming gift on the floor or dig something out of the trashcan.  She hasn't, but it worries me.  Stresses me out when she's here.  Logan, on the other hand, doesn't stress me out.  He's constantly asking questions, drawing on the board and writing his own commercials, which means I'm constantly stopping what I'm doing to look up at him and what he's doing.  It's entertaining, but...................






........ It's very time consuming.  Maybe I should ask him to make a to-do list to keep me on track.

As far as the best guest for the station, Logan's good for more fun but Lexi is a pro at staying out of the way.  I've got to go with Lexi as the better guest.  Don't tell Logan.