Two Temple elementary school students were rescued by a team of construction workers Monday after they were found wandering along I-35. According to the children, their school bus driver refused to let them back aboard after they realized they’d gotten off at the wrong stop.

The brother and sister were discovered near the exit to Adams and Central, where they were attempting to run across the interstate. The brother, 10, was spotted first by a construction crew, who then saw the boy’s 8-year-old sister pinned against an inside barrier. The workers managed to stop traffic just long enough to accompany the child to safety.

The girl told the workers that she and her brother, both students at Jefferson Elementary, are usually dropped off at their grandmother’s house, but that they’d been told to meet their mother, another bus driver, at the Temple ISD bus barn. According to the girl, the two were dropped off at the usual stop before realizing their mistake. When they attempted to board the bus again, the driver refused to let them back on.

A Temple ISD representative issued this brief statement to KCEN-TV:

This issue was not previously reported to us. It is now under investigation.

TISD officials have not said if the driver will face disciplinary action.