Forget daddy-daughter dances! Adorable little Mia and her father, Bryan (formerly of boyband LMNT), show country fans (and everyone else) that daddy-daughter duets are where it's at. The Las Vegas-based pair are hopelessly devoted to Taylor Swift, belting the words to '22,' 'Mean' and 'You Belong With Me' in one awesome medley.

The video begins with a message to the superstar, explaining that the same week Bryan's daughter was born in 2009, the songstress played one of his songs, 'Juliet,' in concert. Four years later, Bryan and his adorable little girl are singing all of Swift's hits to say thanks.

They're well-versed in the superstar's songs -- so well-versed, in fact, that the cutie even corrects her dad when he gets the 'You Belong With Me' lyrics wrong, singing "She wears short shorts."

"She wears short skirts," Mia tells him, laughing.

Some of the sweet footage happens in the car, but our favorite part is the duo's face painting/singing clips. Mia paints her pop's face with light pink and purple and is so proud of the masterpiece she creates on Bryan's cheeks and forehead. And like any good father, he is totally stoked to see the finished product.

The video concludes with a heartfelt message from the two to Swift again: "Thanks Taylor. You give my daughter a reason to sing ... and that's all a dad ever wants to hear."