The Austin area has been home to zombies from a popular TV series, but things are about to change.

According to a report from KXAN, the television series Fear the Walking Dead is moving production from Central Texas all the way to Georgia.

A Good Run

The hit spin-off show has been filming in Texas since 2017 with the production of the 4th season according to the Texas Film Commission. The show shot scenes at multiple existing Texas locations that were "transformed into abandoned spaces for the post-apocalyptic setting."

During production, you could find zombies in cities such as Austin, Bartlett, Dale, La Grange, Leander, and Round Rock.

What Happened?

After 4 successful seasons, the show has decided to move to Georgia due to competitive incentives.

These incentives are set at the state level, and it appears that Georgia is offering more or better benefits than the Lone Star State could.

Goodbye Jobs

Of course, with the show's departure, hundreds of jobs will be leaving the area. Local businesses will also suffer, as the crew used car rentals, hotels, and brought tourists to the area as well.

"To say this is a significant loss is an understatement," said Austin Film Commission director Brian Gannon, who credited Fear for creating "consistent, well-paying jobs for close to five years."

The Bright Side?

While we may have lost something great, that doesn't mean that something even more amazing won't come along. There are tons of studios and workers ready to pick up where things were left off.

Maybe the show will even see that things aren't necessarily greener on the other side, and return at another point in the future.

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