With all the rules attached to explosives, it's best to just let someone else set them off while you watch. Here's a quick list of where you can see displays this weekend in Central Texas.

Growing up, we used to go out to my Grandpa & Grandma's farm on the 4th weekend. The relatives would get all buzzed on Schmidt, while me and my cousins would toss Black Cats and Bottle Rockets at each other. By the end of the evening, one of us would be bandaged up due to a fast fuse, and the drunks would start setting up the fireworks display. By that time I was full of sugar from all the pop and chocolate, so all the mosquitoes would use me as a buffet. I'd get spray on my arms and legs, but it turns out the big ass bugs in North Dakota have no problem biting through clothing, so I would watch from inside the house.

In case you don't have a farm to go to this holiday, check out the fireworks at these locations. And for even more locations check out our friends at Centexfun.


  • Salado

    July 3rd

    It turns out that some people will have Friday off, since the 4th lands on Weekend. (God help us if we don't get a day off to blow stuff up) If you have non explosive plans on Saturday but still want to see a display, then head to Salado. The fun will happen at dusk neat the pond on the 9th hole of the Mill Creek Country Club and Golf Course. It's free for everyone but no outside drinks will be allowed. Carts will be set up on the course.

  • Fort Hood

    July 4th

    The Fireworks Display will be part of Freedom Fest 2015, which takes place at Hood Stadium. Their 30 minute display will begin at 9:30pm

  • Lake Belton

    July 4th

    Spending your 4th on the water is great. Getting off the water to watch fireworks sucks. No worries. Get on the water and celebrate freedom by staying on the boat at Lake Belton. Just head across from Rogers Park to see the water explode...kind of.

  • Temple

    July 4th Miller Park

    Probably the closest to the "Farm" memory for me will be in Temple. They'll close the Heb Family Fun Fest at Miller Park with a fireworks display right after dark. Until then plenty of fun for kids of all ages with live music, inflatables, splash pads and more. Don't forget the lawn chairs.