Florida Georgia Line wasted no time following their infectious debut single with one that cements the duo as the good-time country party band they introduced themselves as. 'Get Your Shine On' had already charted before 'Cruise' reached No. 1. Both rely on a big, fat hook and songwriting that's sharper than they'll get credit for.

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are very confident and comfortable turning out music that's easy to digest. They make no attempt to dig deep emotionally on either of their first two singles (or much else on 'Here's to the Good Times'), and the result is a clean, straight-forward message. Don't discredit their lyrical chops just because they're not using poetic metaphor to paint a picture of heartbreak, however. 'Get Your Shine On' is packed full of colorful imagery.

"Strawberry shimmer on hot lips / Silver buckle hangin' off her hips / Eyes sparkle when she smiles / Shinedown on the radio dial," they sing to begin the uptempo song after a banjo and steel guitar-dominated introduction. (Side note: Is that the incoming message sound effect from Apple's iChat being used?)

The second verse contains the sneakiest lyric:

"Feeling lucky got hooked up with some Kentucky clear / So slide that little sugar shaker over here / And get your shine on."

An over-reliance on repetition opens the song up for some criticism during a chorus that's a more grating than "Baby you a song / You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise." It's every bit the earworm, though.

"'Cause you and me be rocking all night long / Summer sky dripped in rhinestones / Turn your party lights on / Baby get your shine on, shine on," the duo sing.

New artists often struggle to find a unique sound -- something FGL has done in a single and a half. It's possible they could struggle to dig out of the party hole they're chipping away at, but it's a pretty fun party, and fans aren't showing signs of burnout yet. These Belmont University students are strong enough with a pen that when the time comes to find a new direction, they won't be overwhelmed into obscurity.

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