Fort Hood's first Mega Job Fair of 2015 happens January 21, at Club Hood from 10-3. It's open to everyone, not just the military.

The renamed ACAP Center has all the information, including a list of employers on their Facebook page.

Go through that list and check out the employers websites.  You can formulate some questions for the job fair, and decide which employers you want to talk to.   Polish up your resume, make sure it fits the job you want.  You know you can have several resumes as long as you tell the truth.  You have plenty of time to make adjustments.  You should also pick out a decent outfit to wear.

2014 Mega Hiring Event


Listen as Robert Schumacher from the Soldier for Life: Transition Assistance Program (TAP) explains the hiring event.



Civilians must get a Visitor's pass to get on post for the fair, you can get it now or wait til the day of the event. (Warning: it could take a long time).  Here is the website to get you started.  Call them. That website needs help!,  254-287-9909. The visitors center is open 24/7 so you can go late at night when it is not so crowded.

You cannot park at Club Hood. You CAN park at the Warrior Way PX or Hood Stadium, and shuttle buses will take you to the Job Fair.