Some of you may have heard yesterday's shocking news that country legend David Allen Coe, 73, was involved in a bad car accident that left him hospitalized. For me, the news was a little tougher to hear.

David was driving his SUV in Ocala, Fla., when he ran a red light in the early hours of the morning on Tuesday. A semi-truck collided with David's vehicle. He has been hospitalized since the incident.


I met David 30 years ago, at a motorcycle rally in West Texas.  We were admiring each other's Harley Davidson's. It turned out he was a fairly famous country singer and I just happened to be a country music disc jockey. So we naturally became fast friends.

I have done many shows with him over the years, kicking back, talking about motorcycles and enjoying Jack Daniels.

The last time I saw David, it was about three years ago at a show in Waco. We hung out backstage for most of the night. It seems that both of us have "slowed our rides" a bit over the years.

Word comes today that David is doing much better and many are hopeful that he will recover and get back on stage soon.

I want to send my support and prayers for David, his wife and his kids. Here's to hoping your back on the road again soon, buddy!