Gas prices since Hurricane Harvey are through the roof! If you had not noticed before the holiday weekend, chances are the prices at the pump surprised more than a few people as they traveled for Labor Day.

KWTX reports that the shut down of Texas refineries after Hurricane Harvey is part of the reason for price increases of nearly .50 cents at some gas pumps over the last week. According to AAA, the national gas price is up to $2.63.

Exxon Mobile says they are making progress in restarting their Baytown refinery, but that their Beaumont refinery remains flooded and can not yet reopen.

The Colonial Pipeline runs from Texas to New York and is expected to start transporting from Houston to Herbert, Texas this week.

KWTX reports they did not receive word back from Motiva. Motiva operates the largest refinery in Port Arthur. Bringing that facility back online is expected to help with the overall availability and price of gas in Texas.

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