Look what's coming to the pumpkin patch this fall at the Robinson Family Farm in Temple, Texas! A giant inflatable pumpkin!!

Texans from all over the state visit the Robinson Farm pumpkin patch in the fall and this year it will be even better. The giant pumpkin will be in the middle of the grounds near the site of the playground equipment from last year.

I remember hearing the Robinsons talk about this new inflatable a couple of years ago. We always love going out to the farm and hearing about what new things will be coming. I predict a roller coaster by 2025! Check out the inflatable sneak-peek below!

The Robinson Family Farm is located at 3780 White Owl Ln in Temple, Texas 76501. Call (254) 931-9564 for more info! It won't be long and we'll see you back at the pumpkin patch! If you have never been to the pumpkin patch check out the walkthrough video below. It will give you a good idea of where the giant inflatable pumpkin will be on the grounds this fall.

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