One of the big campaign promises Texas Governor Greg Abbott made while running for reelection in 2022 was to open up the choices parents had in making decisions for what they felt best served their children when it comes to getting an education. Thus far since being sworn in for a 3rd term earlier this year, the state legislature has failed to address this campaign centerpiece, and now Governor Abbott has declared it is time for the house to head back to school their self.

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The governor says the special session will begin in October and if the legislature cannot accomplish the executive branch's goal of creating a version of school choice, nobody will be getting any recess until it is finished.

What would school choice be in the state of Texas?

Many in the Lone Star State view school choice as an extending of open enrollment which is already allowed, but up to each individual school district to determine at what lengths. Parents in favor of school choice want to be able to send their children to a school environment they feel best fits the students' needs and interests.

Opponents warn that the shifting of students to other facilities can weaken already strong performing schools, but also allows private institutions to gain access to public funding, but not equally enrolling all students that apply.

The governor has said that if this special session gains no ground, he will call on another. If the legislature can't act, then he wants to make it an election option.

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