Imagine working all year to graduate, and then COVID-19 comes along and whips out your moment of glory - the recognition from family and friends as you walk across that stage and receive your diploma, or a party thrown in your honor for your greatest achievement to date dashed because of a global pandemic.

That's exactly what The Class of 2020 is facing right now.

Thalia Brionez with KXXV-TV reprorts that Temple ISD has announced its plans for 2020 graduation with two separate dates.

Temple ISD Superintendent Dr. Bobby Ott announced via video that seniors will graduate on June 14th. The hope is that social distancing guidelines will be relaxed enough to do a traditional ceremony, but if not, the graduation will happen virtually.

All eligible seniors will graduate that day, Ott said. However, Temple ISD has scheduled an event in late summer for seniors and their families who would like to participate.

On August 8, 2020, there will be a Senior Class of 2020 Celebration at the Bell County Expo Center. If protocols are relaxed by then, the celebration will include a graduation ceremony.

Ott also announced that every Friday night beginning immediately, the blue Victory Light atop Wildcat Stadium will be lit at 8:20 PM, because 8:20 PM is 20:20 in military time.

Prom has also been postponed to June 12, 8 PM at Temple High School. If social distancing protocols have not been lifted by that time, prom will, unfortunately, be cancelled.

See the video here or watch it below.

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