Technology not only continues to evolve and make our lives easier, but it's also making it's way into our schools in a positive way.

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Temple ISD will start using "Smart Tags" in the upcoming school year.

Smart Tags

So what is a Smart Tag? According to a report from KXXV, the Smart Tag program is an ID that students will scan when getting on and off the bus. The technology will help ensure that students are taking the right bus and being dropped off at the right stop.

Kent Boyd, Assistant Superintendent of Facilities and Operations tells KXXV,

"It's been a project we've been working on for almost a year to make sure it did what we wanted it to do and served us well. Anything in this day and age that enhances safety and security that helps us deliver kids to the right locations in the most efficient way possible. All of that is certainly positive."

Following the tragedy in Uvalde, school safety is once again a major concern as we head int the upcoming school year.

Parents Agree

The response from the parents has also been positive. As a parent of a child that will rise the bus to school each morning, I welcome any and all programs that will help keep my kid safe and accounted for. Once parents activate the parent portal, they'll be able to track their kids in real time as they get on and off the bus.

How to Get the Smart Tag

If your child is riding the bus, he or she will need the Smart Tag. The tags are available at the transportation office or you can get them during the meet the teacher night.

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