One of the reasons my family moved to Killeen-Temple, Texas area was for our children to attend better public schools than we were leaving behind in Louisiana. We made the move as our eldest is only six, and in 1st grade currently. Before long our 4 year old and 1 year old will be entering the public school system, and now there will be a new elementary school for them to consider within the Temple Independent School District.

My son attends one of the newest buildings inside the Temple ISD. Believe it or not, a new school hasn't been opened since 1998. For reference, that's the year I graduated high school, and my eldest is only 6. For additional reference, my high school was only 2 years old when I walked across the stage as a member of the class of '98.

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Temple ISD/Canva
Temple ISD/Canva

Introducing the future location of Sampson-Howard Elementary, it will be a fine arts academy, and located in Southeast Temple at Old Highway 95 and Barnhardt Road. Sampson-Howard Elementary are named in honor of Cornelius Carl Sampson and Durward and Jean Howard. You can read all about their contributions to TISD history, particularly the fine arts here.

District 7 Trustee Shannon Myers spoke about what it means to be a fine arts academy, and described it as a, "Unique and innovative concept that we were looking to provide to our families here in Temple, which has always supported and championed the arts."

Sampson-Howard Elementary may have just broken more than new ground with its future in the education of Temple's youth. The school is scheduled to be open for the fall of 2024 school year.

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