Six-year-old Maddie Higgins of Arlington, Texas, is suffering from glioblastoma, an agressive brain cancer which is common in adults but rare in children. She has already undergone 60 radiation treatments and two brain surgeries.

Maddie put together a wish list which included her desire to play in the snow. This simple request seemed impossible in a Texas summer.

However, Kinsley's Kure, a group dedicated to bettering the lives of sick children, found a way to make Maddie's wish come true.

The group hired Emergency Ice and had 20,000 pounds of ice delivered to a neighbor's house. The ice was then converted to fake snow and Maddie was brought outside wearing a blindfold.

As her blindfold was removed, Maddie said it was "impossible" and that "it's summer." Maddie's mother said that she was "overwhelmed with emotion."

Maddie built a snowman and claimed that she is going to play in the snow until it melts.

Kinsley's Kure has helped organize other items on Maddie's wish list, including visiting a Dallas museum and eating dinner at Reunion Tower.