I triple dog dare ya to not laugh at this video!

Screenshot Via Youtube

Everyone knows the famous scene from A Christmas Story, when Ralphie's friend gets his tongue stuck to a frozen pole during recess. The scene became an instant classic, not only inspiring hundreds of kids across America to try their luck at licking frozen poles, but grown ups as well, like the ones behind the New York based group, Improv Everywhere, who specialize in public pranks. The group's founder, Charlie Todd, even encourages volunteers from around the world to participate in many of their infamous projects, like the global "No Pants Subway Ride" or "Black Tie Beach" pranks.

The groups latest mission? Recreate the infamous frozen pole scene in the middle of a New York subway, licking a subway pole instead of a flag pole. (Don't worry, they used a prosthetic tongue with a magnet, so the kid didn't get the 453465762 germs that were no doubt on that pole.) The funny part? The passengers on the subway weren't in on the prank, making their reactions priceless. Check out the video below.

This video is the last fall installment of their "Movies in Real Life" project, in which they recreate infamous scenes from popular movies, such as Jurassic Park, When Harry Met Sally, and more.

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