Did you hear it? The call of the wild? It was strong in Temple Saturday morning as the Temple Mall, Peggy's Coffee House, and our friends at News 10 hosted a Survivor casting call.

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US 105 Producer Haven Medrano felt it, and he got up bright and early to stake out a spot in line to audition. He couldn't quite get the line to sing Jingle Bells with him, but as he said in his audition video, he wasn't there to make friends. He was there to win.

That proved to be all talk, though. Haven did make some friends, and you can meet them in the video below. We won't know for a few weeks (or maybe even months) if Haven's audition was a success, but we're keeping our fingers crossed. How cool would it be to have a US 105 DJ on the show?

Thanks to Rob at Peggy's Coffee House for letting us bug people in line. He's always a generous host, and he makes a damned fine cup of coffee. Don't forget to stop by Peggy's next Saturday for the premiere of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. Kylo Claus and a host of other Star Wars characters will be on hand for photos and fun, and you don't want to miss it.

Even if he doesn't make the show, Haven plans to test out his survival skills here in Texas with a few handy survival tools.

This one-person tent pops up almost instantly and folds for packing and moving just as quickly. It's perfect for the solo survivor, hiker, camper, hunter, or kid roughing it in the backyard.

Staying hydrated is rule #1 when it comes to survival. If you're near a creek, river, lake, or other fresh water source, you'll want a quick filtration system for safe drinking. That system is built into the LifeStraw bottle, so it's super handy.

Ok, we initially picked this because there's something wonderful about knowing the words "tactical spork" came up at a development meeting and a product ensued.

This tool actually looks pretty useful, though. A spoon and fork in one? Useful! A knife? Heck yeah! That squirrel steak isn't gonna cut itself.

You're going to need a fire to cook that squirrel over and to keep you warm. This emergency fire kit comes with everything but the firewood.

Another survival 101 essential. If you accidently cut yourself with the tactical spork, you'll need to act fast to prevent infection.

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