The ongoing debate with my boyfriend and I concerns a cat. A cat that we don't have. My allergies and every cat-hating me is the reason I refuse to let us get a cat. My best friend Madison has a cat named Katniss who I hate. Well, the feeling is mutual. I have tried to pet Katniss and I just get clawed, so the hate is very much mutual.

After seeing a hilarious video that I wish would go viral I have decided I will be treating all cats this way from now on. After you see this video I am sure you will laugh, and someone needs to get this "cat" an Oscar or a beer.

Yeah, Kitty needs a beer and that "Fractious" cat will transform into the happiest cat ever. Several YouTube comments praise the video claiming that this is really how some cats act. Whether it was a video intended for comedy or not, we had a laugh and several people claimed it was informative on YouTube.

Copy of JASON D (11)

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