If Hillary Scott loves her new baby half as much as she loves her dogs, Hobbs and Baker, he/she will be one lucky kid.

Hobbs has been a member of the household for awhile, but just a few months ago, Scott and her husband, drummer Chris Tyrrell, gave him a furry sister named Baker. Even with two of them running around, to say that the 'Just a Kiss' hitmaker spoils her babies would be the understatement of the year -- the dogs live the good life on the road right alongside Mom and Dad.

“They’re the funniest, sweetest. We only got Baker a couple months ago. We weren’t really sure because Hobbs is so used to being on the road. He’s more comfortable out on the road than he is at home," Scott told the Tennessean. "We were just curious to see if they would really get along. And they don’t even know we are in the room half the time. Like they are so obsessed with each other. They just play and play and play and wear themselves out. It’s so cute.”

Obviously, the songstress loves her pups because they're too cute not to. But she and her hubby also took the breed's size and temperament into consideration when they welcomed Hobbs and Baker into their home.

“Hobbs is full grown and he’s 13 pounds and Baker will be about 15 pounds. I am a huge proponent of rescuing animals and think that’s so important and eventually we will do that," she said. "But traveling like we do, I just needed to know how big they would be. I needed to know all of that going in instead of going in and getting a sweet, sweet puppy and then it turning into being 100 pounds.”

So far, Hobbs and Baker have been the apple of their mother's eye, and when summer rolls around (and Scott and Tyrrell's first human baby comes into the world), the dogs may feel a bit competition in the house. But somehow, we think the family will be rounded out perfectly.