I want to preface this by saying that I know how dangerous these storms can be and I urge everyone in their path to be safe, but personally...I love this type of weather.

So, when our studio started taking a beating from the rain and wind, I took out my phone and headed to the back door to film. To my surprise, the wind had already managed to fling open our locked and bolted door. Then I caught a thunderbolt so powerful that it caused my camera to bug out, which you'll see in the video above. If you listen carefuly, you can hear our head of Digital Sales, Kelsey, scream and run down the hallway.

As I said before, storms like this can be very dangerous despite their beauty, so stay inside in a safe area if possible. If you have to be out, drive carefully and stay away from areas that appear to be even a little bit flooded. I don't want to be reporting about you having been washed away later today, alright?