During the press conference following his biggest game to date in the NFL, Harvard grad and Houston Texans QB Ryan Fitzpatrick takes the spotlight off himself and places it on the shoulders of his young son for a Harvard-style math problem.

I've always said that kids, up to a certain age, are like animals that we train.  Babies don't know why they're asked to crawl and then walk.  They just do it like trained animals.  Toddlers don't learn words because they know they need to do so.  They do it because they're trained to do it.

Once kids get to school age and beyond, they begin to think for themselves and learn for themselves.  Up to that point, however, we're just spoon-feeding life to them in the hopes that something sticks.  We then take that trick on the road, impressing friends and families at parties and church events.  "Look at little Bobby.  Bobby, say 'momma'.  Say 'momma'.  Say 'momma'.  Say 'momma'."  It's like having your own parrot for the first couple years.

With the onslaught of social media, we're now privy to every small accomplishment in our friends' kids' lives, and everything from potty training to report cards is shared to a world that doesn't really care.  I'm as guilty (if not more) than most when it comes to sharing one of my boys' mundane life events with the world.  You can't help it.

Ryan Fitzpatrick went above and beyond the Facebook share yesterday.  Following a 6-TD game (career-high), Fitz, a Harvard grad, showed off the big family brains by having his young son do some math that most of us not named Rainman wouldn't have a chance in hell at answering.  Kudos to him.  I'm busy getting my son to do some circus trick for the camera for something interesting to show the world and Fitz comes out and drops some tough math on us.