Daddy’s have chores too, and they don’t get paid to do them, but what if Dad’s allowance was based on his chores?   How much would we owe him? Good news Dad’s your value has increased this year.’s  2013 Father’s Day Index puts the value of Dad's household tasks at $23,344,  that’s about 3 thousand more than last year.   The increase is largely due to higher hourly wages for drivers, teachers, coaches and plumbers.

When asked about their favorite jobs around the house, fathers like barbecuing  the best and moving furniture and plumbing the least.

Here are the chore rankings.

Barbecuing/cooking: 22 percent

Helping with homework: 17 percent

Driving: 14 percent

Coaching a team: 9 percent

Assembly of toys, bookshelves, etc.: 9 percent

Fixing broken things around the house: 6 percent

Mowing the lawn, landscaping, snow removal: 5 percent

Doing family finances: 5 percent

Car maintenance; 4 percent

Being a scout leader: 3 percent

Pest removal (spiders, gross bugs): 3 percent

Fixing plumbing: 2 percent

Moving furniture: 2 percent

If fathers could pay someone to do all their household tasks, many say they’d likely want to spend the extra time with their families. Other top responses, in order of popularity, were exercising or playing sports, working, doing things on the computer, traveling or visiting museums, parks or historical sites, watching TV or movies.