There are plenty of great dogs and cats waiting for a safe, loving forever home in Killeen, Texas, and while they wait, you can help them stay snug and warm.

Killeen Animal Shelter Needs Blanket Donations

The folks at Killeen Animal Services are asking the good people of Central Texas to help them keep shelter pets cozy this winter while they wait to be adopted.

Dogs and cats at the Killeen Animal Shelter are in need of things like blankets, towels, and linens to help keep them dry and warm and to bring them comfort.

Donations of dog beds, fleece materials, and comforters are also welcome.

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How Can I Donate?

If you'd like to help these little furry friends, you can drop off donations at the Killeen Animal Shelter, 3118 Commerce Drive. Their normal operating hours are Monday-Saturday 9AM-4PM, and Sundays 11AM-4PM.

The shelter will be accepting donations all through the winter season. If you have any questions or want more information about how you can help the shelter care for pets in need, give Killeen Animal Services a call at (254) 526-4455.

Courtesy of Killeen Animal Services
Courtesy of Killeen Animal Services

You Can Donate to the Temple Animal Shelter Too

The Temple Animal Shelter at 620 Mama Dog Circle also accepts donations from pet lovers in the community who want to help out.

Their hours are Monday-Friday 10AM-4PM and Saturdays 12PM-4PM. Call them at (254) 298-5732 if you need more information.

Shelter Pets Make Great Additions to Families

This is my best furry friend, Leela.

Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

My family adopted her in April of 2016, and she's grown from a scrawny lil' pup to a beefy ball of energy and love. She's the sweetest dog I've ever had, loves to play, and has given me a reason to get outdoors and do more walking.

I can't imagine my life without the joy and adventure she's brought to it.

If you're looking to add a new dog or cat to your family, I highly recommend visiting your local shelter. The animals there are most in need of loving, safe homes, and they really do make the best pets.

Just remember that adopting a pet comes with responsibilities like keeping their shots up to date, getting them regular vet care, and making sure you spend lots of time with them. If you're prepared to handle all that, you won't be sorry you adopted. Shelter pets can bring so much joy and love to your life.

Toys For Troops Returns to Make Christmas in Central Texas a Merry One

Operation Phantom Support and these fine sponsors are once again collecting toys to help Central Texas military and first responder families in need have a joyous holiday.

If you want to help make some Christmas magic happen, please donate a new, unwrapped toy or gift at one of these fine Central Texas drop-off locations.

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