Most of us tend to find our extended (if not immediate) family embarrassing from time to time.  My dad made embarrassing his children an art form. 
Yet, as bad as we see it, there's always someone there to make you feel a little bit better about your family.  The days of the "Leave it to Beaver" family are as good as gone if we're judging by the families I call my own.
The baby of Maria Depina, an 8-month pregnant 22-year old from Brockton, Massachusetts will have some great stories to tell friends about his mom's baby shower.  If he's a little too embarrassed to speak of it himself, his friends need only search Google for all the details on the classy affair.

Police were called to the Club Luis De Camoes this past Saturday to break up a brawl involving nearly 200 people that had erupted at Depina's BABY SHOWER, an event I'm sure was understated and quite classy.  The trouble apparently started when party crashers not known to the family showed up, which would have thrown off the table seating chart dramatically.  There were numerous children at the party (not to mention the baby in the belly of the party host), many of whom were caught in the crossfire as fists flew and tables were thrown.  Don't worry about the kids, though, as I'm sure it was not the first time they've been involved in a brawl involving family members and ending with police arriving.  We've all been there with family events, right?

Upon arriving police continued to struggle to bring the melee under control.  Several party-goers were tased and 4 people were arrested, including a 14-year old boy who I'm sure has now put his Rhodes Scholarship in jeopardy.  There were also multiple complaints of police going too far in their crackdown, ruining what was destined to be the gala of the century.

Let us not be too hard on Ms. Maria and Co.  After all, there are plenty of families brawling at weddings, fights over insults thrown at sisters, and fights over finances.  Who knows if our next family Thanksgiving will become just another statistic when the dessert plates start flying because one cousin mentioned to another that his new girlfriend is his old girlfriend?

Think of the Maria Depina baby shower the next time you're at a family function that goes awry and results in police intervention and remember that it happens to even the best families.  We've all seen a few family members tased or maced by the law enforcement community, haven't we?