Yes, we all need help sometimes. Whether it be something something simple like cooking a meal, or something more complicated such as building a piece of furniture. But getting involved with something when you're not a police officer seems like a terrible idea.

We've all seen videos of people trying to pretend to be police officers. Most of time, it doesn't end well. This is instead a story of someone not pretending to be an officer, but instead helping an officer.

So how did this situation come about?

Well according to KHOU 11 in Houston, officers were in pursuit of a suspect who stole a vehicle. Which, by the way, if you're ever thinking about stealing a car, you probably shouldn't. Just some free advice.

After officers attempted to pull over the suspect, he proceeded to abandon the vehicle, and police had to give chase on foot.

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However, one thing began to show it's effectiveness: Texas heat

We've all seen the outfits some officers wear. In some instances, they're out there in long sleeves and long pants. You add that and the heat, and getting tired quickly while chasing a suspect could be more difficult than imagined.

The two officers chasing the suspect soon became one, as one of them was beginning to run out of breath. It almost seemed like the suspect might get away if the other officer chasing ran out of steam as well.

However, a hero emerged!

A former security guard named Jimmy Davis happened to be driving by. Noticing the officers chasing the suspect, and with one out of breath, he offered a ride to the officer who was feeling the limits of his cardio.

With the newly obtained ride, it was easy to catch up to the other officer who, amazingly, had caught the suspect and was in the process of arresting the individual. So thanks to the help of a good civilian and a fast policeman, the story has a happy ending.

One more amazing thing however

The officer who was able to catch up to the suspect and arrest him? That policeman had one arm!


Talk about all around greatness.

Check out the full video here:

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