As the parent of two young kids I'd do anything in my power to protect them from bullies. Bullying has become a national dialogue, and it seems everyone is saying the right things about protecting kids. The problem is the words never seem to turn into action.

From schools telling a "Brony" that he shouldn't dress a certain way for his own protection, to a young child attempting suicide because of rampant bullying, to actual physical violence, there's consequences for kids that don't conform to the norms expected. Schools continue to largely look the other way, when they should be elbows-deep cleaning up the mess.

Enter the father of a 9-year-old California boy, who has taken things into his own hands by bringing in the long arm of the law.  The dad has filed a restraining order against his son's bully.  End of story?  Not quite.  The school is doing everything in its power to keep this from happening.