Little Big Town had everybody floating away in the minds with their mega-hit "Pontoon", and now they've got us all dreaming about skipping out of work early for a little pre-happy hour day drinking.

They've even given us their favorite day drinking locales.

It's not very often I do any day drinking, especially during the week.  Work, kids and my garden are all reasons I don't booze it up during the day.  Get a couple drinks in me and I just want to sit on the couch or sleep.  That doesn't bode well for the daily responsibilities that overtake my life on a regular basis.

When you do have the opportunity to skip out of work early and do a little day drinking, you don't want to make it a waste.  To truly take advantage of your next day drinking experience, I present the Top 5 Day Drinking Spots in Central Texas.



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    The Party Pontoon

    OK, so the Party Pontoon isn't a "place", but it's certainly a great place to do some day drinking.  Every time I ride on the Party Pontoon I tell myself I've got work to do at the house later in the afternoon, but every time I end up popping a few cold ones and staying out on the water waaaaaay too long.  I blame Lloyd.  If he didn't make it so much fun it would be much easier just to leave.

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    Deadfish Grill

    The Deadfish Grill was actually much higher on my list, but I'm a baby that doesn't like the heat.  I spent every single Tuesday for 3 straight summers out on the deck of the Deadfish Grill, and each time I sweated off 15 pounds.  On a beautiful fall or spring day the Deadfish Grill rockets to the top of my Day Drinking list, but this is summer, and summer in Texas sucks, especially sitting outdoors with the sun baking down on you.  Evening drinking?  Yes.  Day drinking?  Hell no.

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    Cheeve's Brothers Steakhouse

    This may come as a huge surprise making my day drinking list, but Cheeve's has quite a few things going for it.  It's close to work and home.  Drinks are always 1/2 price in the bar, and you can watch important people that are there for business, not day drinking, going on with their day.  There's something about a single scotch at Cheeve's that turns into enough scotch to warrant a DD.

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    Wings Pizza n Things

    This is another choice that may come as a surprise, but if you've ever eaten at Wings Pizza n Things in Temple, you know what I'm talking about.  Starting off with a great lunch followed by a few of their big draft beers at happy hour prices and I'm a happy man.  Throw in the 80,000 TVs they seem to have and it's a sports-lover's dream come true.  It's also nice and dark (ish) in the bar area, which means you don't feel guilty when you find yourself hammered during daylight hours.

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    My Couch

    I know, I know.  It's cheating to put this on my list, but I'm a home-body.  I like my surroundings at the Garrett casa.  I've got my pups, the kids are at school and I've got a DVR full of shows that need to be watched.  Plus, I don't know of any places in Central Texas that will let you walk 15 feet from your table and take a nap if you've had one too many.