If Chuck Norris is the baddest man to walk the planet, and Lone Wolf McQuade is Chuck's finest thespian performance, does that mean the Ram Charger in the movie is the baddest movie vehicle of all-time?  Probably not, but it still ranks really high on the list.

After buying my first truck, and my first new vehicle, I wanted my baby to shine.  I even named her Rihanna because she shined bright like a diamond.  However, two trips to the beach and back, combined with my bumper's run-in with the red concrete barriers at Stripes Convenience store, have left it reeling.  Through all the abuse, one thing bugged me.

Within just two months of buying the truck, the driver door began squeaking like it was a 30-year-old Chevy.  Sure, it could've been fixed with a little WD-40, but dangit this was my first new vehicle, and I wanted them to fix it themselves.  Two trips into the shop and two times my door hasn't been fixed.  As I was about to take it to another place altogether I paused.  I thought more about it.

This isn't some Honda Civic or family truckster that needs to be babied and gussied up.  This is a truck.  My truck.  It's got miles.  It's got stories.  It's got a few bumps and bruises.  It's also got some personality.  That squeaking isn't just a squeaky door.  It's a reminder every time I open the door that my truck's right there by my side.  Now I just need to get a jet turbo booster in it and I'll be set.