KSAT-TV reports that the Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corp. for Transport & Urban Development has invested $300 million in plans to build a bullet train in Texas that could travel between Dallas and Houston in less than 90 minutes.

If high-speed trains are going to be coming to Texas they are going to be funded by something other than tax dollars. Texas Central secured the loan from the Japanese company after Senate Bill 979 was signed by Governor Abbott that specifies that Texas may not use tax money to build, operate, or take over the bullet trains. Outside funding must be secured if we are going to see this project come to life.

How fast does the train have to go to complete the trip in 90 minutes? About 196mph. The trains max speed could top out around 205mph and that would reduce the travel time even further.

More speedy facts about the bullet trains and Texas Central can be found with this link.


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