Jason Aldean revealed a new sound when he released 'Burnin' It Down' from his new album, and in a recent interview, the singer explains why the album release "formula" was different -- and necessary -- this time around.

Since the beginning of his career, Aldean has followed one formula when preparing a new album. They'd start with a happy, upbeat single and go from there. It's true from his debut single, 'Hicktown,' to his second album's 'Johnny Cash,' -- it's been a good plan because it has always worked. But true to his album title, 'Old Boots, New Dirt,' the singer walked down a different path this time.

“Over the course of my career we had a formula for launching an album, which is put out a big, fun up-tempo to launch it and then come out with a mid-tempo after it,” he tells Radio.com. “This was the first time we all of a sudden came out with a mid-ballad, R&B [song] which was unlike anything that we had done before. Even though it was different, I thought it was something that we needed to do to make me feel like we’re not doing the same thing when we’re coming out with a new album.”

Aldean's changing personal life served as an inspiration for this new record. His new love (and recent engagement), as well as the drama surrounding his previous marriage, have obviously affected the new music he's chosen to record.

“From a personal standpoint, there has been a lot of stuff going on with me over the last couple of years,” Aldean explains. “Not that every song on the album reflects that stuff, but it gave me an outlet to channel some of that stuff into something that’s good, versus focusing on a lot of negative stuff that was going on.”

He even admits that some songs -- like 'Too Fast' -- are so similar to his personal life that fans can probably listen to them and understand what he was going through when he recorded it.

“Not that the album is a look into exactly what was going on during that time, but it is a little bit ... Not even trying to make it that, it just naturally happened," the star says. "You can probably go in and look at the album and find a few songs that are honest.”

Aldean's looking to really strike a chord with fans with this record, or in his words: "If it doesn't hit a nerve with people, then it's elevator music."

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