It was a much different world than today back in 1957.  Elvis' shaking hips were scandalous, and Jerry Lee Lewis was a close #2 in the scandal department thanks to his long locks and piano-play.  Neither compared to the scandal created when Jerry Lee said, "I do".

For Jerry, the long-hair scandal was nothing compared to what happened on this date in 1957.  Despite not yet being divorced from his previous wife Lewis married his 13-year-old cousin in Mississippi, where you can marry, cousins, siblings and farm animals (just don't marry someone of the same sex).

Upon admitting to the marriage during a press conference in England, the career of Jerry Lee Lewis took a nosedive from which he never fully recovered.  Below, you can watch a long-lost interview with the happy, inbred Lewis family, as well as a classic clip of Lewis in his heyday.