Josh Abbott Band recently surpassed 15 years as a band, and before you know it, we will know them as another 20 year act from The Lone Star State. Friday night, July 7, is the next in a long line of amazing acts to entertain the mighty crowds from the Performance Foodservice Stage at Johnny's Outback in Salado, Texas.

The Josh Abbott Band story reads like so many from the Texas Country legacy, and that is why we are so excited to welcome them back. They incorporate influences from all the legends from before them and maintain an unequaled, driving quest to bring the best live performance to their loyal and new fans every single night, while also weaving in their own identity with stories set to incredible melodies and amazing harmonies that can only be achieved by an at least 7 piece crew of good ol' boys that have meshed into a family.

You know me, I can spin yarn all day about the experience of seeing a live concert, and how it does not matter if it is your first time or 10th because each one is always enjoyable and ephemeral. Going to a live show is kind of like watching Wheel of Fortune, you pretty much know how it is going to go, but you are never quite certain how it will end.

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If you have not already, get your tickets here and be ready to enjoy another night of the best cold drinks, live music, and amazing bar-b-que under the Texas sky while Josh Abbott Band and Parker Ryan mix up the perfect start to your weekend.

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