Aaron Watson, himself an underdog, is asking fans of the Texas/Red Dirt music scene to donate and help the son of Josh Ward, Jayce, who has been in the hospital since March 6th, fighting the good underdog fight.

Watson's post on social media has led to a huge increase in the GoFundMe page set up by Jayce's aunt. In addition to encouraging others to donate to Jayce's fund for hospital bills, Watson is putting his money where his (social media) mouth is by donating all sales off the website from his latest album, the chart-topping The Underdog, toward Jayce's recovery.

This particular music community genuinely looks out for one another, which isn't always a given. What many don't think about in situations such as this is that these musicians don't typically have the medical plan a lot of us have through our lackey 9-5 jobs. Watson's support shows that the love throughout the Red Dirt & Texas music communities starts (literally, based on his latest album) at the top and extends through every honky tonk and back road bar.