One of the most exciting aspects of a new album (besides all of the new material, of course) is the album cover. Keith Urban's 'Fuse' album cover has just been revealed -- and it, of course, features the singer in all of his good-looking glory -- but also has more color than any of his other albums, making it really stand out. 

The 'Little Bit of Everything' hitmaker's album cover was revealed on his website on Thursday (August 1), thanks to fans unlocking it by using the #KUFuse hashtag. The reveal process was similar to Justin Moore's 'Off the Beaten Path,' which also gave fans a chance to be part of the big unfolding.

Urban's album cover shows off the handsome 45-year-old singer front and center, dressed in all black. He's surrounded by a field of grain that's literally glowing in a sunset hues, and a gorgeous blue-black evening backdrop makes it a really striking. It combines all the colors of a flickering flame, and artistically works well with the title 'Fuse.'

Now that the album cover has been unveiled, fans will be eagerly anticipating the country star's album, which he's promised will be unlike anything he's done before. In fact, he's called the whole experience of 'Fuse' exhilarating, and it's pulling material out of him that he normally wouldn't create.

Keith Urban's 'Fuse' hits shelves on Sept. 10. The singer is currently on his Light the Fuse World Tour, which launched July 18.