I give up, “KID President” finally got to me. His name is Robbie Novak and he is a West Tennessee third grader. Nobody voted for him but somehow he ended up being the “Kid President”.
The nine year old has starred in a series of “Kid President” videos. The latest is called “A Pep Talk”. It has over four million views on YouTube. It’s all about bringing the world together to make good things happen. Watch Robbie, maybe you want to Be a Party!

Robbie and his Brother-in-law, Brad Montague, who produces the videos, were recently on the Today Show. Brad says they created the videos to put something positive on the internet. The videos attracted the attention of Rainn Wilson, (Dwight on the Office,) he has a company called Soul Pancake which has enlisted Robbie and Brad to make more Kid President videos.  Check out more Kid President stuff!

We learned from the Today Show interview that Robbie has a Brittle Bone Condition. Brad says "Kid President" has had over 75 broken bones since he was born.  That's why the videos have special  meaning for family and friends.  They know that the Kid who says, "Less complaining, more dancing," has been through a lot, but he keeps on smiling and dancing!