The traveling season is full season here in Central Texas, especially in Killeen and Temple.

It's always exciting when we're heading somewhere for the holidays isn't it? It could be because we're going somewhere for vacation, or we could be visiting family. Long story short, there's a lot of planning that goes into leaving the state of Texas.

Making sure you have all the travel set, everything is packed, and of course, snacks for the trip! But there's one thing others consider, and that is the safety of their home while they are gone. It is a worry after all.

However, police in both Temple and Killeen are offering their assistance in keeping people's homes safe and sound,

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Central Texas Police Watching Homes For Those Out Of Town

According to KWTX, both areas' police are offering to make sure people feel their homes are safe and sound while they're away. For Texans to apply for the watchful eyes, they simply need to register their home address with their respective police department.

According to Killeen Police Department, as stated by Ofelia Miramontez, this will help Central Texans feel less stress while out. She also stated to KWTX that:

“Throughout the year people take vacations whether its spring break or summer break, I know many people don’t know about it but like we say it’s a resource that helps our citizens protect their property.”

This sounds like a great idea if you're leaving soon, so take advantage of it when you can!

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