Around 10 AM Monday, Killeen, Texas Police responded to a call of shots fired near Dugger Circle and Fox Creek Drive along Zephyr Road. The initial report is that several people have been injured, but no official status on their conditions has been released.

The shooting was said to have happened near the Star Mart 1 convenience store, and the investigation took police in search of a white vehicle into a neighborhood just north of the Killeen Mall. Due to the shooting, and unknown suspects involved, nearby Manor Middle School was placed into a "Secure Hold."

According to this article with the Killeen Daily Herald, the white car was found near the 1600 block of Becker Drive, a street that intersects with the previous Zephyr Road.

What does Secure Hold mean at a Texas Public School?

There are several emergency drills conducted and improved upon each school year. When a school goes into a Secure Hold, they are directing students to "Hold" in an exact location like their classroom, and remain until given an all clear command to resume regular activities.

The "Secure" instructions are pretty straight forward, and direct the students, staff, faculty, and all others to get inside and lock all outside doors. The Texas School Safety Center outlines these instructions and other safety procedures on their website.

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Other Standard Response Protocols include:

  1. Lockdown - where the staff and students essentially hide, and remain quiet.
  2. Evacuate - where everyone relocates to a previously rehearsed location, or to a newly designated one.
  3. Shelter - where students follow set protocols to avoid dangers from severe storms, or other safety risks.

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