Lace up your shoes and get ready for the return of Killeen's 5K Turkey Trot!

Now, if you are able to run that’s great, but you can also walk the 5K to help raise funds for the Food Care Center in Killeen.


The race will happen at the Stonetree Golf Club in Killeen, 1600 Stonetree Drive. It's $25 to register, and again, it's for a very worthy cause. You'll be helping put food on the table of our friends and neighbors who are in need of some help right now.

Get registration information online here.

I cannot stress this enough to people entering a 5k: do not feel intimidated to run this whole race. Trust me. I’ve done 5k's where, at the end of the race, I felt like I was going to puke my brains out. Let walking always be a go-to option and just enjoy the experience. Sure you can compete for the top spot if you want, but there's also plenty of room for those of us who just want to be out enjoying the nice weather and giving it our best walk or trot.

Either way, make sure your shoelaces are tied and that you stretch real good.

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Like I said, it's all for a wonderful cause.

Killeen's Food Care Center provides food to over 2,000 people in Central Texas. How amazing is that?

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more awesome, 50% of that food goes to nourish our Central Texas babies. If you know me, you know how passionate I am about the kids. This is why I am super excited to witness this year's Turkey Trot.

Of course, I want all the good people of Central Texas to be able to be provided with food, but children always hit a soft spot for me.

I’ll see you at the race!



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