KWTX shared this video of 16-year-old Dawson Phipps rescuing a red-tailed hawk from his mother's swimming pool in Lacy Lakeview, Texas. 

Dawson and his mom saw the red-tail struggling in the water. Dawson has been an animal lover his entire childhood and knew that if the bird filled up with water it would not be able to fly.

Dawson attends Connally High School and thinks the bird was perched on the pool's ladder and somehow slipped in. Having grown up around chickens, Dawson knew how to grab the bird without getting bit. After rescuing the bird from the water, they noticed it still would not fly. The Phipps family called a bird specialist who will care for it for a few days, then release it back into the wild.

Dawson hopes to grow up to be a game warden.

Photo by Dawson Phipps via KWTX
Photo by Dawson Phipps via KWTX

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