Participating in my first Children's Miracle Network Radiothon this past September opened my eyes to the reality of so many children and their families as they battle for their lives.  Lady A is in a position to lift the spirits of those kids through music.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

I saw firsthand the great work being done by the doctors and nurses that work to heal children.  It takes a special person to handle working with sick kids.  I couldn't do it.  Kids are my weakness, and to see a kid battling through such pain and illness would be too much for me to cope with on a regular basis.

Yet, there they are.  Working with children every day who exhibit and display more bravery and toughness than I can even wrap my head around.  The daily reality of these childrens' lives is a hospital.  While the kids and doctors battle to live another day, it only takes a few moments out of the day of people like Lady Antebellum  to do more good for those kids than any medicine could do.

I'm proud to work at a radio station that supports and plays the music of wonderful people like Hillary, Charles and Dave, who do great things with the great position they find themselves in, and take time that's not required of them to brighten the day of these children battling for their lives.