We always knew there wasn't a whole lot swirling around upstairs in Matthew McConaughey's cranium, but we didn't know to what extent... until now.

I've always wanted a parrot as a pet so I could teach it curse words and ebonics, but knowing that parrots have a finite amount they can process and regurgitate makes what you teach them very important.  Once they know it, they don't "un-know" it.

I'm wondering how long the parrot in this video has been saying McConaughey's Dazed and Confused catchphrase.  To me, that makes all the difference in the world.  Whether this video (and parrot in question) is insanely hilarious or sad depends on the timeline of when the bird learned the phrase.  If the bird learned that phrase over the past 24 months, during the Age of McConaughey, it's fantastic beyond words.  If the parrot learned the phrase anytime between 1999 and 2012, it's just sad.

There was a time when Matthew McConaughey was a joke.  He'd become that sad, older dude that everyone secretly felt sorry for.  He seemed to be hanging onto that catchphrase a little too much, like the high school football player that hasn't done a damn thing with his life since that championship game 20 years ago, yet every time you see him, it's all he can talk about.

Once his rebirth came over the course of an Oscar run, he's become the "it" guy in Hollywood, and his cool factor has also ramped up.  It's once again cool to quote Matthew McConaughey circa-Dazed and Confused.  It's no longer sad.  It's hip.  It's ironic.  If that parrot is a hipster bird and says the phrase with a touch of irony, I'm on board.

You tell me.  Is this bird the coolest bird in the world, or just a sad waste of a parrot's vocal chords?






Now, for the master doing what he does best.... creeping out high school girls.