The McLennan County bomb squad was called to a home in West Wednesday after a contractor discovered a live, World War II-era grenade inside a footlocker.

John Carroll with our news partner, KWTX, reported that Advanced Foundation Repair and House Leveling owner Jimmy Meek found the grenade, along with old ammunition, inside a storage room at 2330 Cemetery Road.

"We thought the grenade had been drilled until I looked at the bottom and it still had all the original paint and no drill marks, and still had the original pin,” Meek told KWTX.

The owner of the home, Jeanette Holecek, said the footlocker belonged to a man she bought the home from three years ago. The man reportedly left several items in the store room and never returned for them.

Technicians were digging a pit in which to detonate the grenade early Wednesday afternoon.

Back in november, a Fort Hood bomb squad was deployed to Harker Heights after someone discovered a World War II-era grenade and C-4 explosives on the back of the Lampasas River.

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