A local teacher is spending his summer like a lot of teachers do - trying to make extra cash. But this teachers approach is a little out of the ordinary.

Instead of tutoring kids or teaching summer classes, Gateway High School teacher Warren Grannis is selling water bottles for $1 at a busy intersection on 31st street in Killeen.

"There are no ulterior motives. I'm not trying to scam anyone. I just want to make an extra buck," Warren Grannis told KCEN's Cole Johnson.

Grannis says that he only tries to sell about two cases of water while he's out there, and takes breaks when the lights are green and no oncoming traffic is stopped.

He says whether it's teaching English or selling water bottles on the street, he's grateful to have met some very friendly people.

If you or someone you love is a teacher, you know our educators often look for side gigs to make some extra money, especially during the summer. Grannis has found his niche selling cool water to hot drivers, and we wish him the best of luck out there. Some teachers take on tutoring jobs or become camp counselors. Whatever you do, we want to thank all the teachers out there for everything they do.

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