17-year-old Taron Marquise Tillman-Ratliff of Killeen has been charged with aggravated robbery and possession of a dangerous drug.

Tillman-Ratliff was arrested Wednesday at Shoemaker High School on an aggravated robbery warrant. During his arrest, he was found in possession of Xanax, an anti-anxiety medication for which he had no prescription.

The warrant was issued after the teen was linked to a recent robbery. The victim of that crime reported being hit in the face by Tillman-Ratliff, then held at gunpoint while the attacker put a blanket over his head. While the victim was incapacitated, Tillman-Ratliff stole electronics and other items from the man’s home. The items were later recovered from a Killeen pawnshop. Tillman-Ratliff was identified using surveillance footage from that shop.

Tillman-Ratliff is currently being held in the Bell County Jail on $105,000 bond.