The chicken sandwich war is still going strong. If you haven't heard folks are claiming that the new sandwich from Popeye's is better than that of Chick-fil-a. I know! Crazy! I am yet to try it, on account of it being sold out since I heard about it (I was late to the news).

But, this thing won't last forever, so I've decided to create a new ordeal for the internet to go crazy over. USA Today reports that Wendy's announced Monday that they will serve breakfast nationwide next year.

Their menu includes a breakfast baconator, oatmeal, and a chicken biscuit. The logical strategy would be to just pin Wendy's against Mcdonald's. But no that's too easy, I want to create a frenzy. So, how about this... the Wendy's Artisan Bacon Egg Sandwich is better than the grand slam!

I've never had it, but it would be fun to see folks on Twitter defend Denny's like the Alamo.

No, no, I hate internet craziness. Just share cat videos and enjoy your morning meal in peace.


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