One of the things we enjoy most from living in the Killeen-Temple, Texas area and Central Texas as a whole is our access to incredible quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables because of our proximity to the prolonged growing season. We are definitely blessed to be able to pop into any local grocery like HEB, and have a huge selection of regional and international foods.

You know my 3 major interests involve eating, shopping for food, and spending time with my family (not necessarily in that order). HEB is often my source of sanity and reflection because it allows me to enjoy some "Me time," to people watch, and also allow my eyes to be bigger than my belly.

Unfortunately, HEB joins retailers like Costco and Walmart in having to recall a ton of frozen strawberries that were distributed by Willamette Valley Fruit Company for potential Hepatitis A contamination. The exact items vary by company.

Which strawberries should we be getting rid of?

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  1. At HEB, you should be checking your packages of Rader Farms Organic Berry Tril in a 3 LB. package.
  2. At Walmart, you should be examining Great Value Sliced Strawberries - 64 oz., Great Value Mixed Fruit - 64 oz., and Great Value Antioxidant Fruit Blend - 40 oz.
  3. At Costco, the strawberries at risk are the Rader Farms Organic Fresh Smart Smoothie Blend - 48 oz.

The recalled fruit is dated from anywhere in October of last year all the way through June of this year. Since these are frozen packages, it is possible the sale by date could extend well into next year. Get more info here from the FDA


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